This is where I store all the miscellaneous files and missions that don't fall under the Mission Series categories.

SOSIM v1.0

The Secret Ops Missions Simulator (SOSIM v1.0)
by Alex 'Locke' Fong.

Turns the Killboard into a Simulator like the one used in Prophecy.


No time limit, no reinforcements, just you, your fighter and a lot of really bad-tempered pilots intent on reducing you to your component atoms.
Instead of the usual Gauntlet situation where you fly to a NAV Point and face continuous waves of enemy fighters, this one is slightly different. Fly to NAV Point 1 and face three fighters. Then go to NAV Point 2 and face six of them. Go to Nav Point 3 and face nine...I think you get the picture.
There are nine Gauntlets to chose from, each with a different fighter gunning for you (both Confed and Bug).



This is a little something I started to do when I was making the original version of Alien Legacy (never released). When I first started designing missions I based them around ships that I had already edited using Bruckner's WCPEdit, this unfortunately made them so easy to complete with unedited ships I scrapped the whole idea.
However, I had a little free time and went back to it and this is the result...
These aren't over the top modifications (no 10,000kps afterburners etc.), just subtle changes to armour, weapons and handling.
The Nephilim Upgrade can be used on its own, but the CONFED Upgrade is best used with the Nephilim Upgrade otherwise you will just walk through all the levels even on Nightmare...


This ship was the Alien Drone originally found and extracted by Thomas Bruckner. The ship is based on a mesh file that is included in the Prophecy game data, but never used.
All flight characteristics and weapon configurations were edited by me for use in the last few Alien Legacy Missions. For the stats on this ship refer to Readme.txt included in the Zip. (if these stats are for some reason wrong, please let me know)


This is a Long-Range Enhanced Scout variant of the Tigershark with improved speed, manoeuvrability and firepower. I based it on the variation included in the first Mission of Alien Legacy Episode 6 so it has fairly weak shields and armour, but this one does have a missile loadout. It will also be included for use in some of the Rebellion Series Missions.